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Teacup Candles: A Personal Ritual of Presence and Self-Love

My lifelong enchantment with scents has been a continuous love affair, a connection that dives deep into my emotional core, tapping into something primal. Scents have the remarkable ability to unlock memories, stir feelings, and ignite inspiration for the future. As I immersed myself in the regular use of essential oils, I embarked on an educational journey, delving into the scientific intricacies behind how these oils influence my mood and emotions in diverse ways.


For me, diffusing essential oils and crafting candles have become cherished avenues to bask in the aromatic benefits of these oils. While some women find joy in experimenting with meals in the kitchen, my bliss lies in the midst of my somewhat chaotic kitchen—pots simmering with soy wax and shelves adorned with an array of essential oil bottles. The process of mixing, blending, and pouring is not just a creative endeavor; it's a form of soulful expression.

Teacups, with their stunning and unique beauty, have become my favored vessels for candles. The joy of being able to reuse them again and again adds an incredible dimension to their charm. What started as a personal preference evolved into a gifting tradition, and before I knew it,  Cup of Intention was born


The creation of these teacup candles is a personal ritual for me. They serve as a gentle guide, helping me ground myself in the present moment, finding that center where I can truly connect. It's a process of allowing the plant oils to unfold their own narrative, weaving stories of healing, tranquility, and inspiration.


My heartfelt desire is to extend this experience to women everywhere. I envision these teacup candles becoming a catalyst for a collective pause—a moment for women to deliberately slow down and carve out time for themselves. A chance to acknowledge and appreciate the profound effort we put into our work and the selfless giving to others.

More than just candles, these teacups are meant to be a reminder—a delicate whisper affirming that you are beautiful, exquisite, and undeniably worth it. Take a moment for yourself, indulge in a beautiful gift. It's a small act of self-love, a hot bath awaiting your deserving presence.

Be proud of the incredible person you are—truly amazing. You are worth every bit of the serenity and joy that these teacup candles aim to bring into your life.




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