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Creativity and Connection


Hello Dear Friends! ...this is Ginny.  I wanted to check in with you.  I miss connecting with this Cup of Intention community.  How are you doing?  

How are you holding up through these strange times?  I think about you, your creativity, and the stories you have shared with me.

What a roller coaster we have been on these past few months. I truly do not know what to make of it some days.

This pandemic and the time we have spent at home, has offered me the gift of slowing down. REALLY slowing down. I call it a Gift because because this time has allowed me to "reset" or "reboot" my system. And this gift has allowed me to gain some perspective in many areas of my life. I am reminded  why I started this business in the first place and the roots behind it. 

On the outside it appears, I want to share the gift of aromatherapy, creativity, and candle making.  But deep down under the surface, I want to share the gift of connection.  Connection with ourselves and those around us. 

Moving forward with our workshops, I will share more of my own personal journey as a woman living in recovery.  We will utilize "mindful creativity"  to focus our own personal "intentions" and what we hope to create in our  lives.  

Until we meet again, I wish you rest, rejuvenation, and plentiful HOPE! Reach out to me. I am here for you. 




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