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Creativity And Connection During A Pandemic


Navigating the ups and downs of the past few months has felt like a roller coaster ride, leaving me somewhat bewildered on certain days. The pandemic and the extended period spent at home have gifted me with a precious commodity – time to truly slow down. This deliberate deceleration feels like a reset or a system reboot, providing me with a valuable perspective on various aspects of my life.

Amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I find myself reflecting on the roots and reasons that led me to start this business. Beyond the surface, where the focus is on aromatherapy, creativity, and candle making, lies a deeper intention – the desire to foster connection. Connection, not only with the products we create but with ourselves and the people around us.

Looking ahead to our upcoming workshops, I am excited to open up and share more of my personal journey as a woman living in recovery. These sessions will delve into the concept of "mindful creativity," where we use creative endeavors to focus on our individual intentions and aspirations for the lives we wish to create.

As we navigate the waves of life, I extend my heartfelt wishes for rest, rejuvenation, and abundant hope to each one of you. Remember, I'm here for you. Reach out whenever you need a listening ear or a supportive presence. Until we meet again, may you find solace in the stillness and discover the strength that lies within.




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