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Back to School and a New Season of Authenticity

Our incredible Canadian Summer is coming to a close. The  kids are headed back to school, and the intensity of life will begin to pick up again. Hockey practice, swimming lessons, pesky viruses, cooler weather, less sunlight, and the holidays.


September-January is a shift in the weather that brings me slight anxiety. Back to school means summer is over...the warm weather is nearing to an end; for this Florida girl..the Canadian winters are long and frigid!                        

The good news is, this summer has been incredibly slow paced for our family. We really took it easy and had an enormous amount of quality family time. With that said, I feel I am ready to enter this new season.

After almost 6 years...I feel I’m beginning to genuinely settle into Motherhood. We are a solid family unit. Our routines are quite established. Knock on wood...but life with two small kids is feeling easier...quite manageable.

I feel as if I am coming into my own again. Or better yet..Stepping into a new role and a new woman. 


My “intention” going forth into this new season is to let go more..

let go of trying to be the perfect Mother (and Wife).

let go of "over doing it" not listening to my gut.. and stretching myself thin.

I will let go of my need for approval. 

I will worry less. Turn it over more. And stop trying so darn hard to accomplish it ALL today. 

By letting go of all the perfection I tirelessly try to seek in my life, I am making space for more authenticity to arise. And it is in that space...all I desire is waiting to be revealed. 


What do you want to embrace or let go of this fall? What will your “Intention” be?

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