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Back to School and a New Season of Authenticity

As our wonderful Canadian summer draws to a close, the return of school and the impending busyness of life are on the horizon. Hockey practices, swimming lessons, the challenges of viruses, cooler temperatures, diminishing sunlight, and the approaching holidays mark the shift from September to January. For a Florida native like me, the thought of Canadian winters, long and frigid, brings a touch of anxiety.

On a positive note, this summer has unfolded at a leisurely pace for our family. We deliberately embraced a slower rhythm, relishing in abundant quality family time. Now, as we bid farewell to the laid-back days, I find myself ready to embrace the new season.

After nearly six years, I sense a genuine settling into motherhood. Our family unit is strong, and our routines are firmly established. Knock on wood, but navigating life with two young children feels more manageable, even easier.

It's as if I'm reclaiming my identity or stepping into a new role and version of myself. My intention moving forward into this season is to release more...

Release the pursuit of being the perfect mother and wife.

Let go of the tendency to overextend, ignore my instincts, and spread myself too thin.

Free myself from the need for approval.

I'll worry less, surrender control more, and stop striving excessively to accomplish everything in a single day.

By relinquishing the quest for perfection that often consumes me, I create space for authenticity to flourish. It is within this space that everything I truly desire awaits revelation.

As we enter fall, what do you wish to embrace or release? What will be your guiding intention?




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