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Essential Oils

Hello! Are you interested in learning more about essential oils?  I  would love to support you on your wellness journey! Let's connect for a 20 minute discovery call (via zoom) and chat about the possibility of incorporating aromatherapy in your daily rituals.  Here is a FREE eBook to get you started! 



My name is Ginny and I am so pleased you found your way here! I am a third generation Floridian who married a hockey loving Canadian guy! We live in Stittsville, Ontario with our two incredible children.

I joyfully create and lead aromatherapy based DIY workshops, retreats and virtual team building events with an emphasis on mindful creativity, self care and connection.  


Cup of Intention originated from my soul purpose and desire to create from the depths of my heart and share holistic self care tools with those I love and the community! I believe in the healing powers of creativity coupled with aromatherapy and authentically teach participants how to incorporate these rituals in their own lives. 

Cup of Intention workshops encourage participants to focus on mindful creativity and connection.  My intention is that you will walk away from your experience feeling uplifted, calm and inspired to create with intention in your own life!

Creativity and community offers us respite from the mundane and inspires passion. Come create with me in an inclusive sanctuary of calm, warmth, intention, mindfulness and fun!  



As my customer, you'll learn how to use the oils to create rituals for self care and your overall emotional health. Are you ready for a shift? Reach out to book for free consult and take a look at our STARTER KITS.