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Mini Candle Kit
Mini Candle Kit
Mini Candle Kit
Mini Candle Kit
Mini Candle Kit

Mini Candle Kit

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"Introducing our Mini Candle Kit – a self-care experience that invites you to set intentions, embrace tranquility, and create a pocket-sized haven of positive energy. Crafted with mindfulness, this kit empowers you to infuse your space with the gentle glow of mini candles, each carrying your intentions.  Our Mini Candle Kit is your perfect companion for intentional self-care:

🌿 Easy to Use: Unwind on a smaller scale with our mini kit that provides all the ingredients needed to craft your own  candles. Perfect for those seeking a quick and mindful self-care session without the need for extensive preparation.

Intention-Setting: Elevate your self-care ritual by setting intentions with each mini candle. As you craft, focus your thoughts on positive affirmations, goals, or moments of gratitude. 

💖 Thoughtful Gift: Share the gift of self-care and intention-setting with friends and family. Our Mini Candle Kit is beautifully packaged, making it an ideal present for birthdays, celebrations, or a thoughtful gesture to show someone you care.

🌟 Daily Moments of Bliss: Infuse your daily life with mini moments of bliss. Light a candle during your morning routine, at your workspace, or during a relaxing bath. Let the soft glow and intention-filled scent to enhance your everyday experiences.

Our simple step-by-step instructions guide you through the whole process! Beginner friendly! eBook included~

Kit Includes: 

  • 12-Clear Tealights/Wicks
  • Soy Chips
  • Essential Oil Blend 
  • Botanicals-Gemstones
  • Affirmation Card
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Candle Making eBook
  • Gift Bag


All you need from home:

Heat Safe Container

Microwave or Double Boiler