VIRTUAL Team Building  Workshop (Create with YIN YOGA)
VIRTUAL Team Building  Workshop (Create with YIN YOGA)
VIRTUAL Team Building  Workshop (Create with YIN YOGA)
VIRTUAL Team Building  Workshop (Create with YIN YOGA)
VIRTUAL Team Building  Workshop (Create with YIN YOGA)

VIRTUAL Team Building Workshop (Create with YIN YOGA)

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                                       RELAX ~ RELEASE ~ RESTORE 

                                           Team Building Workshops

            Aromatherapy~Creativity~Mindfulness~Yin Yoga~Connection

Looking for a new approach to keep your team, community or staff connected? Come experience a workshop like no other!  We have curated this experience to offer you a healthy escape from the busy workday! Let's promote team building and staff appreciation through creativity, yoga and nourishment of all the senses! 

Our  workshops are a fun, creative and interactive experience.  Discounts offered for groups of 8 or more. 

What to Expect:

Zoom link will be sent in advance with what to expect ebook!

Custom Candle Making


Yin Yoga

Meditation and Journaling

DIY Kit for event will be shipped in advance and include: 

  •  6 Tealights
  •  Soy Wax chips
  •  Wicks and Sticker Tab
  •  Essential Oil Blend
  •  Dried Flowers & Tea
  •  Blending Sticks
  •  Aromatherapy Candle Making eBook
  • Journal and Pen

Additional items needed:  Heat safe container, microwave or double boiler, thermometer.

Scents to choose from: 

  • Sweet Citrus Mint Blood Orange, Peppermint, Clementine, Vanilla & Lime
  • Coconut & Key Lime
  • Orange & Spice  Cassia, Anise, Blood Orange, Nutmeg, Tangerine
  • Bliss Spearmint, Lavender & Lavender
  • Zen Rest Patchouli, Lavender, Frankincense & Cedarwood

Our candles offer a subtle diffusion of plant based molecules, ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy healing benefits of essential oils with the ambiance of a candle.

Yin yoga is an opportunity to slow down, take time for yourself and  decompress in this fast paced culture. 

Yin Yoga is accessible to anyone, with modifications provided, and you DO not have to be flexible to practice Yin

It is an excellent team building activity that will allow your group to calm their mind, improve focus, provide relaxation and enhance overall well being. They will be guided in breathing practices and beginner meditation that they can then use anytime, anywhere to bring a sense of calm, clarity, and peace of mind.

Contact us today, we would love to create with you! 

Groups of 6 or more required for private virtual workshop.


~About Your Hosts~

Ginny is the warm, smiling face behind Cup of Intention. She creates and leads aromatherapy based works with an emphasis on mindful creativity, self care and connection. Ginny believes in the healing powers of creativity coupled with aromatherapy and authentically teaches participants how to incorporate these tools as  holistic self care tools.

Kelly is the energetic and positive founder of Breathe Yin Yoga. She believes in providing an encouraging and safe space for individuals to slow down, breathe and gain self acceptance by connecting with themselves through YIN.