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Mala Bracelet & Vision Board May 2nd

Mala Bracelet & Vision Board May 2nd

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Create Your Vision With Intention...

Join Cup of Intention and Allergies and Me for an afternoon of Vision Boards and Mala Bracelets!

We will begin the workshop by creating our Vision Boards and sharing them with the group! ~ A vision board is a collage that uses the law of attraction and visualization to draw more of what you want into your life. With this practice, you are teaching your mind what you want to focus on in your life. Sharing with community takes it to another level- share ideas and make connections that take you further in your journey.

With a beautiful selection of stones and beads, and your clear vision, you will design your own custom gemstone Mala Bracelet! Add a drop of essential oil to the lava stone and carry the scent with you throughout the day!

$45 includes:
Vision Board
Mala Bracelet
Healthy Treats

May 2nd
128 West Ridge Drive