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Impression Jasper
Impression Jasper

Impression Jasper

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 Our DIY Starter Kit includes everything you will need to get started on your mala making journey! Add a drop of essential oil to the stone and carry the calming scent with you throughout the day! 


  •  Stretch cord strings
  •  8mm & 10mm Gemstones to create 8 inch wrist bracelets (on average) (20 gemstones per bracelet)
  •  Spacers (2 per bracelet)
  •  Lava Stones (1 per bracelet)
  • Instruction packet with gemstone description and properties
  •  1ml essential oil vials of chill (orange, petitigrain, chamomile & lemongrass) ) One per bracelet

Contact me with questions, I can customize to meet any group size!