DIY Mala Necklace Kit
DIY Mala Necklace Kit
DIY Mala Necklace Kit
DIY Mala Necklace Kit
DIY Mala Necklace Kit
DIY Mala Necklace Kit

DIY Mala Necklace Kit

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Mala beads were originally created over a thousand years ago, to assist the wearer in prayer, they are a type of rosary, to count blessings or intentions. (A intention is a devotional affirmation said out loud).

Our DIY Mala -Style Starter Kit includes everything you will need to get started on your mala making journey! 

For our starter kit we offer elastic  stretch cords to create your mala. Stretch Cord is easy to string, and allows you to wear your mala at different lengths or as a chunky bracelet.

DIY Kit contains:

  •  Stretch cord strings
  •  6, 8 & 10mm Gemstones  (108)
  •  Spacers 
  •  Lava Stones 
  •  Glue
  • Instruction packet with gemstone description and properties

    Example Stones include:

    Rose Quartz The stone of Unconditional Love & Peace. Rose quartz is believed to be strongest in matters of the heart. This calm and peaceful stone promotes connection to others and joy.

    Amazonite  Stone of truth & courage.  Promotes tranquility and peace; speaking our truth and loving unconditionally. 

    Jasper is known for healing properties for strengthening ones spiritual awareness and understanding the sacred connection between all life in nature. Promotes grounding & stability

    Amethyst  Connection to higher self, protection, creativity, manifestation and protection from addiction. 

    Quartz  Promotes healthy balance that will keep you centered and grounded. Can absorb, store, release, and regulate your life energies. 

    Aventurine  Stone of Opportunity releases anxieties, promotes prosperity and unconditional love. Promotes self esteem. 

    Howlite  Calms anxiety, reduces stress, promotes connection to the divine. 

    Jade  Protection, eases guilt, increases trust and promotes love

    Lapis  Encourages honesty and speaking truth. Promotes communion and learning; brings harmony. 

    Moonstone  Stone of new beginnings. Promotes calm emotions and feminine energy. 

    Sunstone  Stone of new beginnings. Promotes calm emotions;  feminine energy. 

    Labradorite  Reduces negativity, aids in intuition, and detoxes addictive substances. 

    Agate Facilitates acceptance of one’s self, fostering love and courage. 

    Citrine Promotes self-esteem, clarity of thinking and new beginnings. 

    Mixed Moonstone Connection to the divine & strengthens intuition and self expression. 

    Chrysocolla Tranquil; calms the mind. Encourages self awareness and inner balance.

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