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Canadian Jade + Labradorite
Canadian Jade + Labradorite

Canadian Jade + Labradorite

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 Our DIY Starter Kit includes everything you will need to get started on your mala making journey! Add a drop of essential oil to the stone and carry the calming scent with you throughout the day! 


Quartz  Promotes healthy balance that will keep you centered and grounded. Can absorb, store, release, and regulate your life energies

  •  Stretch cord strings
  •  8mm & 10mm Gemstones to create 8 inch wrist bracelets (on average) (20 gemstones per bracelet)
  •  Spacers (2 per bracelet)
  •  Lava Stones (1 per bracelet)
  • Instruction packet with gemstone description and properties
  •  1ml essential oil vials of chill (orange, petitigrain, chamomile & lemongrass) ) One per bracelet

Contact me with questions, I can customize to meet any group size!