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Be Free
Be Free
Be Free

Be Free

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Be Free was created as a reminder to keep it simple and seek joy within!

Jasper is know as the "supreme nurturer" by aiding in stress and bringing tranquility. Balances the yin and yang, provides protection and balances energy. Dalmatian Jasper reminds us to stay playful!

Jade is a protective stone, promotes love and trust; eases guilt and negative thought patterns.

What Is Lava Rock?

Lava Stone: Volcanic Rock or Basalt is formed when gasses are trapped in cooling lava. This combines the elements of earth, air, and fire to create a truly unique mineral that imparts a deeply grounding vibration. The energy of Lava Stone is intensely calming and healing. Lava acts as a natural diffuser, when combined with our body heat the stone diffuses essential oil. This stone will hold and carry 1-2 drops of essential oil per 8mm bead.

What is an Intention?

Everything that happens in the universe begins with Intention. An Intention is getting clear on what you want, a creative power that fulfills our dreams.  

How to use your Intention Bracelet

Gemstone Intention bracelets often hold special significance for the person wearing them based who gave it to them or where they got it,  the stones they chose, and the energy they feel from the beads. Intention Jewellery is typically made up of wood, seeds, stones, and crystals.

The best way to set forth an intention is during meditation. Hold your bracelet in your hand; consider the parts of your life you are grateful for.  Stating your “intention” using I Am statements. After setting your Intention. Let it go. Focus again on what you are grateful for. 


Our bracelets are strung with durable elastic stretch cord.  7.0 inch is average size for most wrists.  Please indicate wrist size in comment section at checkout. We love to customize.