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Lava Stone Bracelet DIY Kit
Lava Stone Bracelet DIY Kit

Lava Stone Bracelet DIY Kit

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DIY Kit comes with all the stones you need to make this bracelet and a 1ml vial of our exclusive CHILL essential oil blend.  Add a drop of essential oil to the stone and carry the calming scent with you throughout the day! 

  •  Stretch cord strings
  • Lava Stones to create 8 inch wrist bracelets (on average) (25 stones per bracelet)
  •  Spacers (2 per bracelet)
  • Instruction packet with gemstone description and properties
  • Contact me with questions, We can customize to meet any group size!

Lave Stone: Volcanic Rock or Basalt is formed when gasses are trapped in cooling lava. This combines the elements of earth, air, and fire to create a truly unique mineral that imparts a deeply grounding vibration. The energy of Lava Stone is intensely calming and healing. Lava acts as a natural diffuser, when combined with our body heat the stone diffuses essential oil. This stone will hold and carry 1-2 drops of essential oil per 8mm bead.