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Back to School with Essential Oils

Our amazing summer is coming to an end..and it's that time of year again. BACK TO SCHOOL! 


Children and Adults face an abundance of stress associated  with school. Everything from homework and busy schedules, to germs and exhaustion.  


We encourage you to join us for this ‘free’ workshop focused on promoting health & well-being for children as well as adults! You will sample and experience the top 10 oils so you can decide for yourself!  


 Essential oils have the ability to safe and effectively:


+ boost immune support

 + improve digestive health

 + respiratory needs

 + soothe headaches

 + support emotional wellbeing 

 + promote deep and restful sleep

 +and so much more!!



10ml roller bottles will be available for $10 each!💦💦💦


Don't forget doTERRA essential oils on your back to school check list!✔️✔️✔️


PM or Email with any questions. for related info