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The Choices We Make


~I spent my 20’s living with addictions, destructive relationships, and chaos, all while losing myself more each year. 

~I spent my 30’s rebuilding my life, learning to live in sobriety, finding love and starting a  family.

~I spent my 40’s devoted to raising my children, being a Mom and starting a business. 

When I turned 48, I made a new commitment to myself. 

I wanted to level up and embrace an even healthier version of myself. 

I decided I wanted to live as my most authentic version yet, free of self judgment and seeking the approval of others. 

I woke up one day, and made a decision that one year from now, I will be stronger and healthier than I was in my 20’s. My best version yet! 

I have made decisions like that before.

17 years ago,   I had a moment of clarity. I  made the decision to quit drinking and chose a new way of living. Because of that choice, my life was immensely altered forever. 

Life is about the choices we make throughout the day. Each choice has a direct impact on our future self. 

June 6th, I committed to 90 workouts in 90 days, while sharing my journey via social media (vulnerability) 

This was the kick start I needed to create a new habit and honor the woman I wanted to become.

Pay attention to that voice in your heart and mind, there will be  a moment when the Universe  offers you a glimpse of your future or a positive future you want to create. 

Jump in. 

Embrace that moment and do the thing you have ALWAYS wanted to do. 

Take yourself to the next level!

This is why we are here. To grow, expand, evolve, be of service and share our journey with fellow humans. 

For crying out loud…do not wait another moment! 


We are not getting any younger, but we can make choices that will allow us to FEEL younger, stronger and more authentic in our own skin. 

I am passionate about self care, self love as well as physical, emotional and spiritual growth. 

If this is something you are seeking  and would like a community of support, pop on over to my FB group or contact me directly.

You are not alone and have the capacity to  achieve your wildest dreams!

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