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Why I am Inspired to Create...

I have had a love affair with scents my whole life.  They touch deep down into my emotional nature.  Tapping into something primal. Triggering memories, feelings, and inspiration about the future.. When I began using essential oils on a regular basis, I dove deep into education on the oils, and learned the scientific reasons why they affect my mood and emotions in various ways. Through that study, I learned why the purity of these magnificent plant oils is so important, and how the actual plant constituents interact with our own cells. Sharing this healing knowledge became a real passion.

Diffusing essential oils and making candles are a few of my favorite ways to experience the aromatic benefits of the oils. Some women like to bake and experiment with different meals. I would much rather be immersed in my messy kitchen, pots simmering with soy wax, and bottles upon bottles of various essential oils. Mixing, blending and pouring..creating! 

Teacups have been a favorite container for candle use because of their stunning and unique beauty!  Being able to reuse them again and again is an incredible feeling. So I began giving them as gifts- and before I knew it.. A Cup of Intention was born.


I create these teacup candles for myself. They help me come into the moment, to center myself.  To allow the plant oils to tell their own story. To heal, to calm & inspire. 

I want to create them for women everywhere. My intention is that women will slow down and take time for themselves. To honor and appreciate how hard we work..and how much we give of ourselves to others.. 

I want these teacups to remind you that you are beautiful.  You are exquisite. You are worth it. Take time for yourself. Buy yourself a beautiful gift. You are worth it. Take a hot bath. You deserve it. Be proud of yourself. You are amazing...



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